Security Policy

Transacting with 1StopShop electronically (including transacting and using your credit card on 1StopShop’s web site) is safe and secure. It is much the same as transacting in person face-to-face.

Tips for safe electronic transactions:

1. Transact from a secure computer.
2. Only transact with Vendors and web sites you know and trust.
3. Never respond to e-mails asking you to click on a link to "confirm" recent transactions after you transact.
4. Always make sure all of your security software (anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, and firewalls) is up-to-date.
5. Make sure that you have entered secure pages when filling in your credit card details. Lookout for a small yellow lock commonly seen at the bottom right of your browser and http changes to https.
6. Sign out after you have transacted electronically.

1StopShop reserves the right to take whatever action it may deem necessary at any time to preserve the security and reliable operation of its information system. Each Customer undertakes not to (or permit anything to be done) that may compromise the information system under 1StopShop’s control.

1StopShop does not process credit card details. 1StopShop uses an independent third party payment system operator to process all payments, including credit card transactions. All credit card transactions are secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. A certification service provider checks, verifies, and certifies 1StopShop’s company registration documents and domains to ensure that nobody can impersonate 1StopShop to obtain Personal Information.

1StopShop continually reviews, adjusts, and implements security measure in accordance with international standards. The web site is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.